[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Tax free shopping

Hauke Stieler mail at hauke-stieler.de
Sat Jan 4 18:47:20 UTC 2020


you may noticed the discussion "Tag for 'tax free shopping'" on this
mailing list. This is the proposal for the new "duty_free" tag.


Basically the new tag has three values:

* yes:
This shop does not collect taxes at all. This usually happens at
airports in "duty-free stores".

* refund:
For shops outside an airport. Foreign travelers shopping in a shop with
duty_free=refund can get an additional receipt which can be -- e.g.
later at the airport -- exchanged so that the traveler gets the taxes back.

* no:
All customers of a shop with duty_free=no have to pay normal taxes.

Feel free to comment :)


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