[Tagging] amenity=tourist_bus_parking

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 21:10:37 UTC 2020

I have just detected the wiki page "amenity=tourist_bus_parking"
It has so far only 16 uses (including one by myself a few minutes ago)
I am not happy with this new tag. Agreed, we have the tags
amenity=bicycle_parking and amenity=motorcycle_parking, but they have been
with OSM for years, whereas the tourist_bus parking is new (from Feb 2019)
and has so far very few uses.

My feeling is that we should not add more humanities along that line, like
RV_parking, hgv_parking, snowmobile_parking, cargo_bike_parking and so on,
but try to think,of something better.
In particular I would like some tagging scheme that allows you to identify
a parking facility, and within that same facility (which carries the name)
the parking sub-facilities for cars,  buses, HGVs, motorcycles, ...That
would make more sense.The parking I have just inserted has two separate
areas and separate entrances for cars and tourist buses, but it has only
one name. Another frequent situation are motorway stations where parking is
usually split into cars, busses, and HGVs.
Hopefully it's just my ignorance and someone else has already implemented
the prefect tagging scheme somewhere.

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