[Tagging] leisure=firepit vs fireplace=Yes

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Mon Jan 6 11:18:36 UTC 2020

4 Jan 2020, 18:30 by tagging at openstreetmap.org:

> The pages for leisure=picnic_table and amenity=shelter do not mention fireplace=*.
Note that it may mean that wiki is incomplete and should be edited.

Wiki is an useful documentation but not some sort of a final authority.

> I don’t think it makes sense to use fireplace=yes as an additional tag and they should be mapped separately as leisure=firepit. If I understand correctly, additional tags should be used to describe the object itself, but fire pits and tables/shelters can be used independently. If I’m planning a trip and I want to make a fire, I am going to search for fire pits.
> Is there something I haven’t considered? 
Apparently at least some people considered situation as "this is a shelter with/with nearby firepit"

See also toilets=yes vs separately mapped toilet for restaurants, fuel stations etc.
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