[Tagging] Tagging for emojis names

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Tue Jan 7 13:14:54 UTC 2020

On 07/01/2020 13:40, Jeroen Hoek wrote:
> If done correctly, this would mean you could search OSM for a flag
> copy/pasted from somewhere (like chat), and get the region represented
> by that flag as a search result.
> So to me it seems that this isn't so much about getting the emoji for
> the Statue of Liberty to resolve (although that is possible), but more
> about being to use country flags to search OSM for the corresponding
> country.
> Of course the proposal should reflect on how to ensure the correct
> Regional Indicator Symbol pairs are added. One way to do this, is by
> using the exsiting ISO3166-1:alpha2 and flag keys, and verify that the
> flag rendered via Regional Indicator Symbols matches the flag-value.

Countries in OSM should already include the ISO3166 code as a tag. Data 
consumers, or OSM based search engines, could just interpret the emoiji 
search term as 2 regular ASCII characters, and do the look up there. No 
need for a separate emoiji tag.

If you add it as a separate tag, then there's the risk that data becomes 
different from the ISO code.

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