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Is the different between recycling and reusing important for the average consumer who a) wants to claim their deposit and b)  doesn’t want to put the item into landfill? 

Even schemes designed to reused containers have a limit on the number of reuses, the container I return might be on it’s first use or it’s thirtieth use.

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> > Machines may take more than one type of item. Some here take bottles and bottle creates. Some take metal cans.
> sometimes (e.g. common typology in German shops) you can add both, plastic bottles for recycling and reusable bottles in plastic or glass (but usually not bottles in glass for recycling) into the same "machine" (which will often just be a conveyor belt with a scanner and a receipt printer, while sorting takes place manually behind the curtain). Other machines are only for plastic bottles for recycling and they will crush the bottles to reduce space requirements. I have never seen a machine that accepts glass bottles for recycling (but maybe they exist somewhere),
> They certainly do! Here you go: https://www.mytomra.com.au/home/qld-containers-for-change/ <https://www.mytomra.com.au/home/qld-containers-for-change/>
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