[Tagging] Addition of amenity=conference_center to Map Features page

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Sun Jan 12 13:26:03 UTC 2020


I think he misspelled it in the email. The tag page is in British
English [0] and the American English tag "conference_center" has only
been used 44 times.

The word "conference_center" does not appear on the "2.x" branch of iD.
However the documented British English value "conference_centre" does
appear in the presets, which is fine in my opinion.


[0] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dconference_centre

On 12.01.20 14:12, Jez Nicholson wrote:
> Yes, there's a big issue with the tag, it isn't in British English, the
> official language of OSM.
> I'd like to check that iD hasn't got it in its presets.
> On Sat, 11 Jan 2020, 04:05 Joseph Eisenberg, <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
> <mailto:joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Another wiki user recently added amenity=conference_center to the list
>     of Map Features, with the description "A large building that is
>     designed to hold a convention".
>     The linked wiki page, made in January 2015, says "A conference centre
>     (convention center - American English) is a large building used to
>     hold a convention, where individuals and groups gather to promote and
>     share common interests. Convention centers typically offer sufficient
>     floor area to accommodate several thousand attendees. Some large
>     hotels include a conference center"
>     This tag has been used a little over 1000 times, and it is distributed
>     in a number of different countries and continents. It was already used
>     100 times back in 2011 and has slowly increased, according to
>     https://taghistory.raifer.tech.
>     Is there any issue with this tag? Should it be added to Map Features?
>     - Joseph Eisenberg
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