[Tagging] amenity=vending_machine/vending=bottle_return - operator=

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 17:13:42 UTC 2020

> > Is the different between recycling and reusing important for the average consumer who a) wants to claim their deposit and b)  doesn’t want to put the item into landfill?
> first of all it is indicating the (rough) typology of container that is accepted, secondly it would seem strange to tag something “recycling” when it’s actually much more beneficial for the environment because of reuse.

I don't understand this "typology of container that is accepted". Some
glass bottles I have into put a container, others I can return to a
shop and get some money back. There is no difference in container, the
only difference is a mark on the bottle itself.



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