[Tagging] building=disused

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 15 08:25:28 UTC 2020

Le 15.01.20 à 05:15, Warin a écrit :
> On 15/1/20 6:32 am, marc marc wrote:
>> Le 14.01.20 à 19:34, Markus a écrit :
>>> If i understand it correctly, building=* values describe how the
>>> building looks, not how it is used. For example, a church that is now
>>> used as a pub still remains a building=church.
>> I fully agree with that.
>> note that building:use may record the current use.
>> therefore building:use=vacant or =none or =no fit the request.
> And I would disagree. 
> A building that is 'in use' is maintained. 
> A building that is 'disused' is not maintained, the paint work will weather, glass become dirty .. roof leak, locks freeze. Generally they look disheveled.  

The village church is not painted and i wonder when someone cleans the
windows of the church here.
Anyway I am unable to tell the difference in appearance between a church
whose windows have been cleaned and a church whose windows have not been
I'm not talking about a building whose roof is damaged, that's no longer
disused, the work to use it is much more consequent.
in the industrial zone, there's been a disused building for as long as
i've known it. yet the appearance is still that of an industrial
building. if i ask a passerby what that building looks like, that's
probably what he'll tell me. The difference with the next building
is there's a "for rent" sign.
what other appearance value do you want to create?
building=disused_industrial: an industrial building where windows
have not been maintained recently or with a "to rent" sign on it ?

> If you tag 'disused=yes' ... how is that rendered?

it depends on the wish of the map style, which is not the right place
to discuss.
one renderer may choose to ignore it, another may choose to use a
lighter color, another may choose to display it in red to highlight
areas to be reassigned.
all this is possible with building:use=vacant/no, disused:building=*
and disused=yes.
but to me, disused:building=* is a bad/yrong idea, there's still
a building present, so we should keep a building=*


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