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On 15/1/20 7:27 pm, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> Am Mi., 15. Jan. 2020 um 08:03 Uhr schrieb Marc Gemis 
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>     > And that raises another point, how would you render disused
>     physical objects???
>     I would say that depends on the purpose of the map. A map that wants
>     to show buildings that were used as shop, but are now vacant/disused,
>     might show them very prominent.
>     A map showing windmills might show working windmills in black and
>     disused one in grey or without vanes or ...
> it generally depends on the kind of object. Some might merit 
> rendering, others would better be ignored all together (because 
> there's very limited space on the map and they will generally not be 
> worth showing even
> if there would be sufficient space). On a general purpose map, a 
> building is a building, and it doesn't matter whether it is used or 
> not (and it could be reused any time), as long as it hasn't 
> deteriorated to a ruin (has significantly changed nature), in which 
> case a mere "disused" would be not appropriate any more. I am not 
> saying it isn't interesting to anybody or there won't be subtle 
> differences between an used and an unused building, just that it isn't 
> sufficiently significant (IMHO) to merit different treatment.
> On the other hand, many amenities, even though they often have a 
> physical "body", are not useful or interesting to show at all when 
> they are not in use, e.g. telephone booths, mail boxes, drinking 
> fountains, generally small items, while bigger items (train stations, 
> post offices, quarries etc.) are probably significant enough even for 
> a general purpose map to be shown somehow.

If the thing is still physically present then it is still of use from a 
navigation point of view.

 From an ease of rendering it would be useful to have a way of rendering 
any disused:* object.

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