[Tagging] building=disused

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 16 13:43:34 UTC 2020

On 16/01/2020 12:57, Paul Allen wrote:
>> So the wiki says now.  It's not what it said in the past.  But let's say you're
>> correct.  We both know that standard carto doesn't render physical objects
>> with a disused prefix.  I, and others, believe that it is important to
>> render physical objects whether they are used or disused because they are
>> navigational landmarks.

I agree.

>>   Joseph's example of a disused water tower is
>> a good one: it's a water tower and it exists and it's visible; whether or
>> not it is in use is of secondary importance (some might even argue it is of no
>> importance and shouldn't be tagged).

Then campaign to get Joseph/Carto to render disused:* prefix. To not use 
disused:* because Carto doesn't currently render it is the tail wagging 
the dog. Joseph has already said similar.
  I'm unsure why Carto ignores such a popular tagging scheme.

>> So if you get your way and disused=yes becomes forbidden,

I never said any such thing.

>>   or is treated the
>> same way as the disused prefix by standard carto

I want the opposite.

>> I don't see any upside to your position but I do see plenty of downside.

TBH, I think you've misinterpreted what I've said.

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