[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Tax free shopping

Hauke Stieler mail at hauke-stieler.de
Thu Jan 16 23:51:28 UTC 2020


> about : duty_free:refund=yes
> is it an intermediate level between duty_free=yes and duty_free=no ?
> if yes, wouldn't it be better to use duty_free=limited ?
I wouldn't say "duty_free:refund=yes" is something in between
"duty_free=yes" and "=no" but rather a different type of duty_free-ness.

When a shop is tagged with "duty_free:refund=yes" a customer has to pay
the normal price and the shop helps the customer to later get the tax back.

In a normal duty-free-shop (with "duty_free=yes") you don't pay any
taxes (at least as traveler when exporting the product).

In the end it doesn't matter if I pay taxes and get them pack or if I
don't pay taxes from the beginning on. That's why I wouldn't say it's
"in between" or "limited".

> about "global_blue" and the following : what is that ?
> maybe add a link.
I didn't knew them either. Those are companies which handle the refund
process and take care of the financial transactions for that (as far as
I understand them). I'll add some links to the wiki page.


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