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Mon Jan 20 12:21:26 UTC 2020

Am Sa., 18. Jan. 2020 um 17:36 Uhr schrieb Lionel Giard <
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> I wasn't speaking about disabled only here, even if it must exist
> countries where disabled are marked but not enforced by law, but i don't
> know any example. But for other dedicated parking space like "parent" or
> "electric charging", there are not many country enforcing them by law, even
> if they still are dedicated to these kind of people or users.

I guess you have to distinguish the kind of "dedicated to", some are legal
parking restrictions, others are just asking for courtesy (=cannot be
enforced because it is not against the law to park there anyway, just not
polite or social).

for reference e.g.
https://taz.de/Frauenparkplaetze-vor-Gericht/!5565328/  a German court
deciding in a "famous" case that "only women" parking signs has to be
reworded and that the signs are just polite questions, not prescriptions
(would be discriminating against men and other non-women people).

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