[Tagging] wikimedia_commons= and image= cleanup

pangoSE pangose at riseup.net
Mon Jan 20 20:43:42 UTC 2020

I recently stumbled upon the tag wikimedia_commons see 

Its definition is: "links to related Wikimedia Commons' media of the 
feature "

But, the only 2 examples contain no links (as in URL-links but instead 
file- and category names):

    wikimedia_commons=File:Bicycle crossing, Poland, Kraków, Josepha
    wikimedia_commons=Category:St Paul, Birmingham 

I see in the database that a lot of image= tags contains direct urls to 
Wikimedia Commons.

I suggest we discuss changing the definition to:"File- or category name 
to related Wikimedia Commons' media of the feature "

Furthermore I would like to hear if anyone have any problems with mass 
re-tagging of all commons URLs in image and wikimedia_commons tags to 
the above format. I will keep the changesets per country or smaller.

There are currently ~58062 image= tags containing "wikimedia": 

There are currently 37 wikimedia_commons tags that start with "http". 

See also the discussion of introducing these formatting restraints in 
the JOSM validator:



PS: IMO it is a good idea to clean this up to get an idea of how many of 
our features have some kind (and what kind) of image linked to them. I 
would like to see statistics about this that also tells me whether the 
wikidata item of some OSM feature has an image P18 property.
PPS: I also suggested that we start rendering images on feature pages on 
openstreetmap.org, see 

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