[Tagging] Continuous Sidewalk or Cycleway

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Fri Jan 24 20:50:16 UTC 2020

Hallo Florimon,

could you eleborate the differnce between your proposal as opposed to
using "traffic_calming=hump" (you mention "traffic_calming=table" on the
wiki page) in conjunction with "highway=crossing" like on this node:


or as a stand alone node when cycleway and sidewalk are mapped as part
of the "raod".


Are there any implizit properties, like rigth of way, assoziated with
that tag?

Do you plan to keep the values open? For example adding
"continuous_Path", "continuous_Footway".
Should the postfixes be from the highway=* family?

Also keep in mind that this situation can be found in the middle of
nowhere, e.g. when old railroad tracks are convered to cycle paths.

Lastly, I'd rather see this as new values for traffic_calming instead of


Am 23.01.2020 um 21:09 schrieb Florimond Berthoux:
> Hello,
> How to map a continuous sidewalk or cycleway ?
> In order to solve this question I created a wiki page to sum up my
> first try to tag this:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Continuous_Sidewalk
> The main idea is to use the tag:
> junction=continuous_sidewalk|continuous_cycleway
> on node or ways of a feature.
> Helpful comments are welcome.
> --
> Florimond Berthoux
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