[Tagging] All European Union countries use E5/E10/B7 instead of gasoline 98/95, Diesel 10S respectively

Thibault Molleman thibaultmolleman at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 07:26:34 UTC 2020


Back in 2018 all countries in the European Union were forced to switch
their naming scheme for fuels at gas stations to the new E5/E10/B7 scheme
(referring to the amount of bio-ethanol in the fuel.


But I noticed on the wiki that nothing is mentioned about that.
And looking at the taginfo for europe (I know it's not all of the EU, but
only the Union countries. But it's a good approximation) it seems like the
old tags are still used most often:
55 475 | fuel:diesel
47 010 | fuel:octane_95
29 636 | fuel:octane_98
12 232 | fuel:e10
40 | fuel:e5

And B7 (diesel) isn't mentioned on the wiki and doesn't seem to be used

So I guess the questions are:
- Should the wiki be changed to make it clear that in European Union
countries octane 95/98 shouldn't be used and E10/E5 should be used instead?
- Because there is only one type of Diesel, should that tag just stay
Diesel or be replaced with B7 for consistency? (I think it makes more sense
to keep it diesel since it does not matter and makes things more confusing

Would love to hear your feedback
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