[Tagging] key, name, long or a partial abbreviation?

Allroads allroadsworld at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 10:44:59 UTC 2020

This is a question only about how to choose a new keyname.

Is it possible to use a partial abbriviation?

For example:

There is motor_vehicle, with one underscore.
to express a categrory with a more then one track or more then 2 wheels.
We can choose for:
multi_tracked_motor_vehicle, with 3 underscore, quite a long name to type in, must that be avoided?

Avoid long names with multiple underscore.
Which weighs heavier when considering a name.

Is it allowed to choose for?
partial abbriviation, “mt” stands for multi_tracked
Does this express the category well enough?
Do people understand that?

When there is a mt_motor_vehicle, there is “st” partial abbriviation, single_tracked_motor_vehicle.

Is it a “do” or is it a “don’t”.

Give me your opinion.

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