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> OSM clearly associates coastline with high water:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Coastline
> If the admin boundaries are very close, or even coincident with high
> water, I would expect two ways in OSM, possibly overlaying each other,
> possibly sharing nodes. Whether they should actually share nodes is another
> discussion; the coincidence of coastline and admin boundary is not by
> design, but a consequence of our lack of accurate data. That would suggest
> they should not share nodes, so they can be updated independent of each
> other.

> What does Italian law say about local government jurisdiction over the
> foreshore, between high water and low water? What about around estuaries,
> does the admin boundary follow the coastline up to the tidal limit? Do
> planning laws apply, for example? I understand the largest tides in the Med
> are on the African side, up to 2m. Depending on the slope of the shore,
> that could give a substantial area of foreshore.

Actually I have just found a text which states that in the part of the land
closest to the sea the municipalities are now "having important
administrative functions", while until some years ago this area was
exclusively under national control. So with the "recent" reforms, while
this area (including beaches and beach resorts, marinas), still belongs to
the state (ownership), it is now managed by the municipalities. The
division between national property and other (public and private) property
can be seen in the IT system S.I.D. ;-)
The competence of the Municipality extends also on the territorial sea
(12Nm) when there aren't primary national interests standing against it.

Basically, if I have understood it correctly, the state has given
competences to the Regions, which have mostly transfered them to the
Municipalities and some to the Provinces, but reserve some planning and
controlling competences.

The Provinces may depend on the legislation of the Regions, e.g. in Toscana
they have to plan, realize and maintain structures to protect the coast and
the coastal population.
They may also authorize earthworks in the coastal area and placement of
cables and ducts in the sea.

taken from a municipal webpage:

You should find other relevant information also here
Titolo II, Capo 1, del Codice della Navigazione (R.D. 30.3.1942 n° 327) and
the connected
Regolamento di Esecuzione (D.P.R. 15.2.1952 n° 328).
legge  n° 494/'93 art. 6   about "piani di utilizzo del demanio marittimo"

It seems, ownership (domain) remains at the national level, but there are
come competences given to regions, provinces and municipalities, which seem
to extend into the 12Nm territorial waters.

I am sending this now because I cannot invest more time, but I am aware it
is not in a complete state ;-)

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