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> I suspect that trying to rely on wikidata/wikipedia for this link will
> fail for a different reason though - the things that we tag in OSM won't
> necessarily map 1 to 1 onto wikipedia pages. Sometimes an OSMer will
> want to indicate that a wider area than is indicated in
> GVP/wikipedia/wikidata, but much more often an OSMer will be tagging an
> individual volcano that might not match where a historical eruption took
> place (think Thera / Santorini, where a famous eruption left a big hole,
> now surrounded by numerous modern features).

Santorini is listed in GVP's database. See
http://volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn=212040. There was an eruption in 1950.
Though this isn't the same as to what you were referring to.

> It does make sense to use (and document) GVP's "active" definition in
> OSM, but there will be places in OSM where it's not a good fit, because
> what was there that erupted earlier in the last few thousand years isn't
> there now.

GVP also has a Pleistocene Volcano List for volcanoes that erupted during
the Pleistocene period. They consider this database preliminary.


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