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Wed Jul 1 11:17:57 UTC 2020

On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 03:10, bkil <bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com> wrote:

> So just a quick idea, what do you think if we subtyped amenity=café?

On first thought, sounds good.  I reserve the right to change my mind later
(it's possible some problem will occur to me), but right now I like it.  It
you can map something that you see in passing without having to go inside
and inspect the menu in detail, but it can be refined later.  It means that
existing amenity=cafe is wrong, just not completely specified, which is a
big plius.

The only possible downside I see is that it requires more carto code if you
want different icons.  But that would be necessary however we did this.

> What non-UK people refer to as a café:
> amenity=cafe + cafe=coffeehouse

Works for places that call themselves coffee houses.  It's not great for
those that call themselves tea shops, even though both would sell
coffee and tea.  Not so good for places focusing on other types of drink.
I'd prefer a more inclusive name but I can't think of one.  I can live with
coffeehouse if everyone else can.  Of course, the unambiguous,
uncontaminated name would be cukrászda, but I doubt that would
go down well with those who don't speak Magyar.  Maybe
cafe=beverages?  I'm not entirely happy with that as it implies
nothing but beverages.

It would need guidance in the wiki as to where the line is between a
coffeehouse (or whatever we call it) and a cafe that isn't a coffeehouse.
Do sanwdiches as well as cakes make it a diner?  How about if there
are hot sausage rolls, too?  What is the classification of the places
at smaller railway stations that have this sort of menu but aren't
places people go to socialize?

> Diners/greasy spoon and whatnot:
> amenity=cafe + cafe=diner

That's an Americanism.  It's also the case that a British cafe and an
American diner have some differences.  But there is variation in both
and the commonalities probably outweigh the differences.  I can't
think of anything better at the moment.

> Or even this one:
> amenity=cafe + cafe=teehouse

For golfers? :)

> For the kind of cukrászda where you can not sit in, we could also add
> takeaway=only/capacity=0 to this or maybe introduce shop=*** instead.


I'm kind of puzzled as to how the socialization aspect of a cukrászda works
there are no seats. :)

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