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> On 2. Jul 2020, at 00:21, bkil <bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can see someone started experimented with
> amenity=restaurant + restaurant=diner
> And:
> amenity=fast_food + fast_food=van/truck/street_kitchen

to keep this straight, these are long tail values, 77% of all fast_food values are „cafeteria“, 12,5% are “yes”, 2% are “shawarma” and 1%pizza. street_kitchen is 0,7% and van 0,5%. 

restaurant has only 0,14% diner as value, most are no, yes, fast_food and even the great restaurant=restaurant tag has 0,56% usage. I do not want to say that restaurant=diner or fast_food=street_kitchen couldn’t be great tags, but they are basically outliers at the moment: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/restaurant#values

Cheers Martin 

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