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Wed Jul 1 22:51:42 UTC 2020

On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 23:21, bkil <bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com> wrote:

> Again, I still don't have enough information about your "takeaway"
> places, but if you are not satisfied with takeaway=only + capacity=0,

I'm not that bothered about fixing it.  I was putting it forward as an
example of the way we tag restaurants/cafes/coffee shops/fast
food not being a good fit to reality.  However, it appears that only
I care about whether or not I can sit down.

could it be also solved via subtagging?

It could perhaps be dealt with that way.  Another time.  Try to fix
everything at once and it all falls apart.

I can see someone started experimented with
> amenity=restaurant + restaurant=diner

Yikes!  To me that's a contradiction in terms.  Diners are for
blue-collar workers, restaurants for white-collar workers.  You
wouldn't know what colour collar to wear in a restaurant=diner.

That was a gross simplification with some humour thrown in.
The point is that restaurants and diners are different categories
of places to eat.  Ripped jeans and cow plop on your boots
might be normal in a diner but not in many restaurants.

> And: amenity=fast_food + fast_food=van/truck/street_kitchen

I just love me some Kentucky Fried Kitchen.  But I'm also partial
to vans in crispy batter.

Those don't look like good ideas, to me.

It even has a wiki page, although it also fell victim to Mr.
> Jeisenbe's art of deleting information:

He's a doctor.  He likes doing wikidectomies.

Would fast_food=diner or fast_food=takeaway cover your use cases (not
> sure about the difference)?

Given the number of people who say a diner isn't fast food (I tend to
agree that it usually isn't) then nope.  But I'm not that worried about
trying to fix it at this time, just hoping to avoid painting ourselves into

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