[Tagging] How to tag a graffiti?

António Madeira antoniomadeira at gmx.com
Thu Jul 2 01:15:58 UTC 2020

Yes, these are the two main issues regarding this tag: subjectiveness
and permanence.

Maybe a wiki could help and clarify what is a "notable" one.
This question arose in the Portuguese Telegram channel, where someone
was tagging pokemon paintings he himself did around his city. Some of
them are small, one of them is a bit bigger, covering an entire electric
distribution box.

Notable could be considered a "lasting" graffiti, recognisable as part
of the urban landscape and not just a drawing somewhere in the back of
lamp post or over a manhole.

Às 20:24 de 01/07/2020, Paul Allen escreveu:
> On Thu, 2 Jul 2020 at 00:05, António Madeira <antoniomadeira at gmx.com
> <mailto:antoniomadeira at gmx.com>> wrote:
>     So, what is a notable graffiti? A signed one? A big one? An
>     authorized one?
> Notable graffiti is graffiti that people take note of. It's as simple
> as that.
> It's subjective.  Do you think it ought to be mapped, for whatever reason?
> Then it might be notable.
> I'd be more worried about permanence.  Most graffiti is unauthorized and
> could be removed at some time in the future.
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> Paul
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