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Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 03:25:48 UTC 2020

Trying to tag this outdoor stage:
(Best image is off Maxar Premium if it doesn't come through?)

The photo is of the outdoor stage (the actual stage itself is behind the
closed doors), with a roof over it, but the audience sit outside, on the
grass, with no seating or roof.

By their own description "There’s a unique outdoor stage in the parklands
for live events"

Options appear to be theatre=open_air
which says "At an open-air stage, the stage has no roof and also the
spectators sit outdoors"

or theatre=amphi
"An amphitheater has an *oval* or *circular* stage with seating that
*surrounds* the central function area like a modern open-air stadium"

So neither of those fit the situation where customers sit on the ground,
with no cover, in front of a covered stage?

Some discussion from several years ago that doesn't resolve anything:

Carrying on from the building itself, would the grassed area out the front
where the customers sit, be mapped as a park, or some form of theatre or
seating tag (even though there are no actual seats)?

Thoughts or suggestions?


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