[Tagging] Is there any case of valid numeric addr:housename - for example addr:housename?

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> Still, even that is
> "Ben Tilly reports on Ten Post Office Sq, Boston MA 02109 USA - which is
> not,
> reportedly, the same as 10 Post Office Sq, Boston MA 02109 USA."

yes and no.

Ben is alas correct. Boston really did allow this insanity, much to the
consternation of taxi and delivery drivers. (I wonder if Ben met with the
same people there that I did ...)

They are (were?) adjacent buildings and the lobby reception/security were
very aware that lost people should be sent next door. I forget if i've ever
heard *why* they didn't just do some pair of 8, 10, 12 ... probably neither
developer would accept being not 10. *sigh* (Each could have an entirely
different street address based on the street defining its side of of the
"square". Obviously this being Boston the so-called "square" is a trapezoid
and not square, or a triangle if you include the little appendage park on
the side, but i don't think that qualifies for POSquare vanity addresses.)

(I'm not sure if this will remain true once the new construction on
P.O.Square is done.)

So housename "Ten" and housenumber "10".

Usually here, a vanity building name is "Pretty Fancy Place" with no
number, or "One Somewhere Place", not Ten, but this pair of buildings it's
Ten/10 Something Square.

As i understand that block an actual housenumber would be on the through
street defining the side of the square, so those might both be housename
"Ten Post Office Square" and "10 Post Office Square" and not use
housenumber. They are both fanciful names assigned by the developer, not
connected to the city street naming.

And thus neither is the 10/Ten the housename alone.

(If the new construction is replacing both 10 and Ten iirc, perhaps they'll
name the block long replacement X Post Office Square? Better would be the
real street number !!)

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