[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - shop=bubble_tea

Jarek PiĆ³rkowski jarek at piorkowski.ca
Fri Jul 3 23:29:19 UTC 2020

On Fri, 3 Jul 2020 at 10:19, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Jul 2020 at 14:22, Jarek PiĆ³rkowski <jarek at piorkowski.ca> wrote:
>> On Fri, 3 Jul 2020 at 05:47, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > I think that coffee_shop and teahouse are not cuisines.   I'm not convinced
>> > inventing drinks=* to show what they focus on is a good idea and that
>> > description=* might be a better way of dealing with it (if the name of the
>> > place doesn't give it away).
>> I strongly disagree and would much prefer a newly specified drinks=*
>> tag, or an "abused" cuisine tag, over a free-text description field.
>> This is because the former is much more reliable for sake of machine
>> readability (and also leaves description for anything else a mapper
>> might like to note). This would be doubly the case if we also adopt
>> this for espresso takeaway bars (as shown in Tan's instagram first
>> link) with no seating or very limited seating.
> That's what happens when I try to avoid upsetting people by
> suggesting a compromise. :)
> I think there is only one good way of handling a drink that is the
> primary focus: make it the only drink that has drink:*=yes.  As far
> as the user can tell from the map, that's all the shop sells.

No, that's not the intended purpose of this use of drink=*/cuisine=*.
It's to specify the general type of the shop=drinks.

We don't map a shop=greengrocer with extra tags if they happen to
stock a shelf of canned food in the back too, it's the general
category that's important.

> ...
> I think common sense has to play a part here. We don't
> list the entire inventory of every shop we map because
> it's impossible.  Somewhere with a coffee machine that's
> a hybrid of a church organ and a steam train may also sell
> tea and juice, but probably not in anywhere near as many
> varieties/sizes/combinations, so they can be omitted or
> relegated to the description.  Or we go the other way and
> list every drink sold by a pub, and all the flavours of all
> the snacks it sells, and the flavours and textures of the
> condoms sold by the vending machine in the toilets
> (and we then need a way of specifying which flavour of
> condom the vending machine focuses on).

I think common sense has to play a part here. Focus on the main
category of the shop. A bubble tea shop is not at all like other kinds
of tea shops, and fairly substantially different from other kinds of
drink takeaway shops, and that's why there's a need to tag it


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