[Tagging] How to map terrace buildings with names

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Tue Jul 7 23:22:46 UTC 2020

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>> On 7. Jul 2020, at 23:41, Skyler Hawthorne <osm at dead10ck.com> wrote:
> My own personal interpretation would be to say that if two houses share
> a wall, they are part of the same building.

I agree here with what Paul wrote some posts ago: things are blurred in reality. The details depend on various parameters, for example building standards/laws. You may often find different medieval buildings that share the same wall but are „clearly“ different buildings, and modern row houses will typically have a double wall between them, separated by 2cm of insulation, where each wall part is independent from the other, at least in Germany they are built like this (reasons are mainly better noise insulation and structural independence).

> Buildings are expanded all
> the time. If a shopping mall expands a wing to give more space for more
> shops, we do not say the new section is a separate building; we say the
> building has gotten larger.

hm, I’m not sure. You could definitely count a lot of extensions as separate buildings. The mall has gotten larger, but it may be because another building was attached.

> I said this earlier in the thread, but I think it is still applicable:
> when we're tagging shopping centers, where there is a large building
> containing several shops, we tag the large structure as
> building=retail, and the shops as amenity=*; we do not map them as
> building=shop or something like that, because they are not separate
> buildings. Why do this for houses/dwellings?

because the situation may be significantly different. 
Of course there exists both, apartments/shops in a single building, and several individual buildings that are attached to each other, in shopping malls as in housing / residential buildings.

Cheers Martin 

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