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‘Specialty coffee is a term for the highest grade of coffee available, typically relating to the entire supply chain, using single origin or single estate coffee[1][2]. The term was first used in 1974 by Erna Knutsen in an issue of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Knutsen used specialty coffee to describe beans of the best flavor which are produced in special micro-climates.[3]

Specialty coffee is related to what is known as the Third Wave of Coffee[4], especially throughout North America. This refers to a modern demand for exceptional quality coffee, both farmed and brewed to a significantly higher than average standard.’

'While specialty coffee in North America is rarely offered in major coffee chains, the Third Wave of Coffee[4] has resulted in a significant increase in specialty coffee consumption. Independent, ‘Australian-style’, or artisan cafes have opened in multiple cities[13][14][12]. An SCAA report estimated the US had 29,300 specialty coffee shops in 2013, up from 2,850 in 1993[15].

Europe is already a major coffee market accounting for 30% of global consumption, but is seeing a growth in demand for specialty coffee while overall demand remains stable[16]. In 2016, specialty coffee was Europe’s fastest growing major restaurant category, with an increase of 9.1% from 2014-2015.’

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Specialty_coffee <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Specialty_coffee>

amenity=cafe & cuisine=coffee_shop are used to tag establishments most known for serving coffee. This includes large chains like Starbucks that serve a variety of coffee based drinks made with commercially roasted beans, independent cafe’s serving either nothing but black, American style, drip coffee and those making specialty coffee drinks.

There are tags for the preparation method:
While consumers might have a preference for the way their drink is prepared, the coffee source is also an important factor.

I have looked through the wiki and taginfo and the closest thing I could find is one use cafe of diet:specialty_coffee, but I’m not sure that’s an appropriate namespace. real_ale has 1819 uses for beer with no namespace. Are suggestions? 

Other tags:
microroasting=yes has 64 uses, mainly on amenity=cafe, in the same way microbrewery=yes is used for pubs.

Existing information:
European Coffee Trip has 1893 cafe’s serving specialty coffee in Europe.

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