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> On Wed, 8 Jul 2020 at 10:29, Martin Koppenhoefer <> dieterdreist at gmail.com> > wrote:
>> as nobody has replied to this, I’m asking again: is a house really only a single dwelling building, or can there be a few more?
> There are plenty of large houses, built for a single family (with servants) that
> have been split into several dwellings.  There may be several external
> entrances or one entrance.  Is it still a house even though there are
> multiple families?
> From the wiki: "A single dwelling usually inhabited by a single family..." <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/en:Household>
> So multiple occupation is fine.  From the outside you might never know,
> unless there are separate addresses marked in some way (such as a
> door buzzer with multiple buttons).
Even there you may be still wrong - in rural Poland such house will often
have a single family living there, with separate buzzers for younger
generation and separate buzzer for their parents (with older
generation typically living on ground level and younger on
the upper floor).

> If dwellings are vertical slices then there's building:part or
> mapping as individual buildings (so you can get 1A, 1B, etc.
> to show).  In many cases I'd map it as a single building=house
> and specify house number as 1A, 1B, 1C because I don't know
> the internal layout.
I would be strongly against slicing building into multiple
ones based on ownership or dwellings or occupancy.

I would tag building based on its structure (that typically
is clear except some cases on boundary like apparently
some row houses).

>> Are these apartment buildings?
>> https://valeriemichelledotcom.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/img_4289.jpg
> No way of knowing from that picture.  Quite possibly built as large houses
> for wealthy families, but would require historical knowledge to be sure.
In my city I was unsure and ended tagging them building=residential

> May now be split into apartments, but would need closer inspection to look 
> for house numbers/buzzers/whatever.
This is not really relevant for tagging building tag.

> Reality is messy, our tags are messy
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