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>> ‘Specialty coffee is a term for the highest grade of coffee available,
> microbrewery beer is not necessarily special or better. It is made on the premises.

Of course, but it’s generally understood that a microbrewery will be focusing on quality brewing.

> Specialty coffee is just about the quality and price which is very subjective.
> We also do not have special tags for specialty wine or whiskey or bread.
> For food we do have start but only stars that are awarded by recognised tourism boards.
> In short, how would we deal with verifiability requirement?

>> Europe is already a major coffee market accounting for 30% of global consumption, but
>> is seeing a growth in demand for specialty coffee while overall demand remains
>> stable[16].
> Yes, there are many new very good coffeeshops here in Europe. But I would not know
> how to separate specialty coffee from not-specialty. Except that coffee-shops that
> are not part of a chain tend to have a better selection of coffee.

Advertising which small-batch/micro roasters supply their coffee separates them. It’s not unusual to have multiple beans to choose from.
It’s also typical to see these establishments selling beans and home brewing equipment, including accessories such as scales and goose-neck kettles.

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