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Niels Elgaard Larsen elgaard at agol.dk
Wed Jul 8 13:01:41 UTC 2020

Jake Edmonds via Tagging:

>> Price, maybe. Specialty coffee (or anything else) costs more.  However,
>> blind tasting of wine has shown that perceived quality is strongly
>> influenced by presentation (if it looks expensive, people think it
>> tastes better).
> Maybe that’s true but if people are looking for it, it should be searchable?

Then we need something objective.
Maybe coffee_species or coffee_brand
in the same way that we have breweries for restaurants.

If a restaurant only have beer from one brewery, then it is probably boring,
especially if it is one of the big global companies.

If it has beers from 10+ breweries on tap then it probably cater to customers
interested in beer and some of them will be interesting or good. Even or especially
if I do not know any of the breweries.

>> So rather than tagging it as specialty, or of high quality, just
>> tag it as expensive=yes.  At least that is verifiable.  If
>> it's more than (say) twice the average price, it's expensive.
> Twice as expensive as what?

€20 espressos in Venice should quality. But I am not so sure about the specialty.

>> Or maybe we just don't bother.  That would be my preference.
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