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Wed Jul 8 16:30:02 UTC 2020

8 Jul 2020, 16:35 by elgaard at agol.dk:
>> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Disclaimer: this is all US law. If you live in another country, YMMV.
> Yes, facts are not copyrightable.
> In Europe we unfortunately have the Database Directive
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_Directive
> Which is probably what Google would use.
> They might not win, but OSM should not spend unnecessary time in courts.
> Who wants a new SCO vs IBM/(Linux)?
> https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/710/can-i-use-google-streetview-to-help-create-maps
> ==
> The question has been closed for the following reason "The question has turned into a
> debate, which would be better suited for the legal-talk@ mailing list. OSM's position
> on sources is to be whiter-than-white, and not to use any third-party sources for
> which we do not have explicit permission. Please direct any further follow-ups to
> legal-talk at . Thanks --Richard" by Richard 31 May '12, 17:15
Exactly, we are not Pirate Bay
or Internet Archive or Wikidataand we are not on exciting adventure 
of what kind of copyright rules we canĀ 

"hmm, it can be justified if we
interpret law this way" or
"they are unlikely to sue because"
are not a good reasons to do something
in OpenStreetMap.

Why? See case of Internet Archive
that always was on kind of edge of
copyright law and recently went
too far.
Now they are in a serious legal
trouble that has potential to end existence
of Internet Archive with Wayback
Machine and Open Lending Library
(where the trouble started).
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