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Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 19:36:32 UTC 2020

Suppose XXn for recreational networks should go.
What do I do with all the route relations neatly tagged as
lwn, lcn, lhn, lpn, ..,and the r..n, n.n and i.n ?

Removing the tags without a working alternative will clear a lot of charts
and maps which present the routes to users for navigation, information and

There are many more of those routes than of the road routes.

I think such a proposal should be driven by something more than perceived
inconsistency*. Is there an actual pressing problem with the current

* I do not share this view. The network is a text field and can have any
value indicating the network in a workable way. For roads, as I understand
it, an hierarchical/federative abbreviation system has been worked out, but
that is not valid for recreational routes. So these use a different
notation system, where for instance the country doesn't get named because
that is redundant. Also the particular numbering system doesn't go in the
network, but per network and operator in the ref (if present) or per area
in the colour tag. Numbers and colors are freely reused even within one
operator's network, so you can't catch this in a fixed hierarchy. Feel free
to try though.

Best, Peter Elderson

Op zo 12 jul. 2020 om 21:04 schreef Martin Koppenhoefer <
dieterdreist at gmail.com>:

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> > On 12. Jul 2020, at 20:32, Mark Wagner <mark+osm at carnildo.com> wrote:
> >
> > The US has two national highway networks:
> >
> > * The Interstate Highway System, major high-speed roads connecting
> >  major cities.
> > * The United States Numbered Highway System (commonly referred to as
> >  the "US Highways"),
> that’s the norm elsewhere too, e.g. in Germany Autobahn and Bundesstraße
> or in Italy autostrada and strada statale, or in France autoroute and route
> national.
> IMHO we would not even need a network tag for these cases, as it is
> visible from the ref.
> Cheers Martin
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