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Michael Montani michael.montani at un.org
Tue Jul 14 14:08:28 UTC 2020

This proposal is interesting. Giving a rapid look on the CORINE classes, it seems bare soil is included in all other classes but it hasn't a class per se.

  *   CORINE library<https://land.copernicus.eu/user-corner/technical-library/corine-land-cover-nomenclature-guidelines/html/index.html>
  *   333 Sparsely vegetated areas<https://land.copernicus.eu/user-corner/technical-library/corine-land-cover-nomenclature-guidelines/html/index-clc-333.html>
  *   332 Bare rock<https://land.copernicus.eu/user-corner/technical-library/corine-land-cover-nomenclature-guidelines/html/index-clc-332.html>
  *   331 Beaches, sand and dunes<https://land.copernicus.eu/user-corner/technical-library/corine-land-cover-nomenclature-guidelines/html/index-clc-331.html> the most near imo.
  *   Many others, searching for "ground" and "soil" into the manual<https://land.copernicus.eu/user-corner/technical-library/corine-land-cover-nomenclature-guidelines/docs/pdf/CLC2018_Nomenclature_illustrated_guide_20190510.pdf>

It seems to me anyway those classes are looser than OSM's 😄


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Maybe. I would be interested in specific

14 Jul 2020, 14:24 by voschix at gmail.com:
I am not a land cover expert, but have come across a great number of obviously wrong land cover tagging in OSM.
Said this, why not try to use CORINE [1] definitions?

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coordination_of_Information_on_the_Environment

On Tue, 14 Jul 2020, 11:52 Christoph Hormann, <osm at imagico.de<mailto:osm at imagico.de>> wrote:

> Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com<mailto:joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>> hat am 13. Juli 2020 um 22:34 geschrieben:
> https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrishunkeler/32097822997

I think this is a great example why more specific tags are advisable to use in OSM than a generic bare ground tag.

What this picture shows is commonly known as desert pavement:


Apart from varying in size distribution and density as well as material of the stones these form a fairly characteristic surface that can and should be mapped distinctly.  As size of the larger stones strongly affects navigability, specifying that would be a valuable supplemental tag.

Christoph Hormann

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