[Tagging] Intermittent highways?

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I believe there was a recent discussion on showgrounds and temporal events.
"temporal" as opposed to "temporary" as in "happens regularly every
week/month/year for a set period of time at the same location". Up until
recently, OSM has been strongly against temporal objects, but German
Christmas markets have slipped through and the world has not ended.
Personally, I would be interested in having temporal features such as
Glastonbury Festival as it would make the map more usable for the general
public and be a differentiator against other maps. However, I hope that
people are careful because this opens the floodgates for weekly food
markets, pop-up food vans, etc.

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> If the festival is held at some date expressible using the opening hours
> syntax, you could use the "open hours" tag[0] or add conditions to the
> "access" tags
> I would not use opening_hours tag to represent the temporary existence of
> ways if this should mean that the ways are only there some weeks of the
> year.
> If the thing is permanently scheduled event then it is not a temporary
> event.
> Temporary: Lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.
> Source - Oxford Dictionary.
> Opening hours have no restriction to being more or less than some
> proportion of a year.
> Similarly, access is about legal access and not physical existence. With
> the established schemes, you could use conditional on the highway, like
> highway:conditional=footway/service/path @ Time
> it is not common, but someone else already had this idea as well:
> https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/highway%3Aconditional
> As you say - not common and probably not rendered/used by any application.
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