[Tagging] Finger- or guide-post text

Jan Michel jan at mueschelsoft.de
Mon Jul 20 08:01:49 UTC 2020

Hi Kevin,

On 20.07.20 05:51, Kevin Kenny wrote:
[In the context of relation type=destination_sign]
> Do I understand the intent correctly that the direction should be the 
> way that the finger is pointing, and not the cardinal direction of the 
> route? 
Yes, the tags on the relation describe the finger.
You can even use a number to give the precise direction in degrees.

> I ask because in the US, we often describe a direction as "trail 
> north" or whatever in that a hiker going 'northbound' on the route will 
> be walking in that direction - which may be any direction at all on the 
> compass.
> Following my accustomed habit of jumping right in with the awkward 
> cases, I might try to compose the relations for 
> https://www.flickr.com/photos/ke9tv/7881561738/in/album-72157631291668040/ Note 
> that the top two signs are 'north' and the bottom two are 'south' in 
> terms of trail directions.  
I don't think we have a scheme for trail directions yet.
But, displaying the trail name automatically is not an issue - the 'to' 
member yields a node or way, and the software can easily look up the 
relations this way belongs to.

> Simply having "to" as a distant node could yield a horribly misleading.  
> Oh, wait, 'to' is the next node along the way, not the ultimate 
> destination. 
Correct. I prefer to use a way as 'to', and this way should start/end at 
the intersection. This makes it easier to use the data and less prone 
for ambiguities.

> Is there a way to give a node ref for what the 
> 'destination' corresponds to?  On the sign in question, it might be nice 
> to be able to indicate where Wawayanda Shelter is, since it's about 40 
> km distant. 

Nothing established. There are 200 cases of the role 'destination', 
which I assume are used for exactly this purpose.


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