[Tagging] Riverbanks

dktue email at daniel-korn.de
Tue Jul 21 10:13:19 UTC 2020

Am 21.07.2020 um 10:55 schrieb Tomas Straupis:
> 2020-07-21, an, 11:20 dktue rašė:
>> Why do we need both variants and why don't we just say that
>> waterway=riverbank is preferred?
>    There is an original OpenStreetMap water schema with lakes as
> natural=water, reservoirs as landuse=reservoir, riverbanks as
> waterway=riverbank etc. It is a perfectly working schema.
>    At some point there was a new schema proposed with a totally nerdy
> motivation "to make some sql's simpler". That new schema has no
> advantage in cartography, GIS or IT sense. It is totally NERDY. This
> nerdy scheme was ignored in the beginning but then came the iD which
> took a totally non-analytical and authoritarian attitude and not only
> chose to support nerdy water schema, but even decided to support ONLY
> it. And in recent year iD coders went even further and started lying
> to its users that original OpenStreetMap water schema is "deprecated'
> even when it never was.
>    So this is the reason why we have two schemas. It is very
> unfortunate that there is no way to prohibit such nonsense nerdy
> schemas into OpenStreetMap :-(
So why can't the wiki state: "If you tag, then please do so using 
waterway=riverbank" (as this is preferred by the *community*)?

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