[Tagging] Is there a good way to indicate "pushing bicycle not allowed here"?

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Wed Jul 22 14:34:46 UTC 2020

Geen toegang:
- met (brom)fietsen.
No access: 
- with bicycles.
This is written, grammatically and  orthographly, in a way, that the "vehicle" is meant. 
explicit the bicycle no access.

This is privat land, Staatsbosbeheer, owned or in control, all over the Netherlands, you see these type of signs, arranged in the same way, the layout.
Mostly all of these roads/tracks path are permissive

- Fietsers op verharde fietspaden en wegen
-Bicyclist on paved cycleway and roads.
Here is written what is allowed.
But more important:
Overigens verboden toegang Artikel 461 W.v.S.
Others prohibited access, article 461 Code criminal law.
The word  “Overigens” means:  all the other which is not mentioned above on the sign
Not pushing a bicycle on a unpaved cyclway, path, tracks. So others then “wegen” roads.

A active Openmapstreet member got  a ticket for pushing his bike on a not allowed “wegen” by a certified ranger (BOA) Community service officer.

This sign with “Overigens”  of  the private organisation Natuurmonumenten, you find them all over the Netherlands, with the same layout.

  bicycle=explicit_no sounds to me like "there is an explicit sign forbidding this",


  not "bicycle vehicle itself is prohibited, not just cycling".

That sounds like bicycle=prohibited. :)


Text on sign: “Overigens” and “- met fietsen”  "bicycle vehicle itself is prohibited”

I need a value .*=explicit_no for “the vehicle” or some other value that means the same. “the bicycle is not allowed”

This is for all kind of transportation and vehicles. Pushing carry/not allowed.

It seems highly strange that you wouldn't even be allowed to carry/push your bike, are you sure that was what it meant? 
Do you have a picture of the sign?

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