[Tagging] Is there a good way to indicate "pushing bicycle not allowed here"?

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The image are  traffic_signs, described in traffic law. Traffic_signs must have set dimensions.

There is also property access rules mentioned in law. Art. 461 in Wetboek van Strafrecht.

The owner can express by sign with text, images, sometimes they use familiar images. Like here. 
“Hij die, zonder daartoe gerechtigd te zijn, zich op eens anders grond waarvan de toegang op een voor hem blijkbare wijze door de rechthebbende is verboden, bevindt of daar vee laat lopen, wordt gestraft met geldboete van de eerste categorie.”
express “access in an apparently way for him is prohibited by the rightholder”..........“is punishable by a fine of the first category”
This is a access_sign. NOT a traffic_sign.
“fietsen meenemen niet toegestaan”
bicycles are not allowed
here you need a hard bicycle=no.

Other situation:
Area rules, a access_sign, property access rules mentioned in law. Art. Wetboek van Strafrecht.
owner express “in an apparently way for him” He choose the icons. free walking ( also next to the road )

The last not translated sentence.
“In andere gevallen verboden toegang Art. 461 Wetboek van Strafrecht.”
“In other cases prohibited access” 
With a horse, riders on designated path. Riders is mentioned, corresponding to the image
With a horse, walk with a horse. I do not see such image. horse with a leash. It is forbidden.
Where walking freely is allowed,  everywhere, you can not walk with a horse, because “In other cases prohibited access” no horse with a leash, there the horse is a hard no.
Even this asphalt road. When it is no designated path.

The owner determined. Sometimes it doesn't make sense.
We must follow, what he express,“in an apparently way for him”.
Otherwise you are in violation.

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Although I think we've given enough evidence and _some_ of your quotes make sense, let me add another consideration. 

This is where bicycle=dismount could be used (although it is the default on highway=footway):

bicycle=no is usually used on busy motorways where dismounting isn't feasible:

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