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Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 21:37:42 UTC 2020

Op vr 24 jul. 2020 om 22:53 schreef Tobias Knerr <osm at tobias-knerr.de>:

> On 24.07.20 14:13, Peter Elderson wrote:
> > In comparable cases (non-OSM, but comparible checking schemes), I do not
> > record the date it has been checked, I record the future date when it
> > should be checked (again).
> When it should be checked is opinion-based, though.

True, and the opinion is the user's opinion at the time of the survey. You
can suggest a default re-check date for the type of feature (might also be
empty) and leave it up to the user to accept or change that.

> The date when you last checked a shop's opening hours it is a fact. But
> opinions on how often one should revisit a shop to check the opening
> hours again may vary a lot between mappers. So I think the former is
> more suitable to be added to the OSM database.

It's a historic fact, but it doesn't drive any plan.

> There are some comparatively rare cases where you know in advance that
> something will change (e.g. with construction that is scheduled to be
> finished by a particular date), but imo that's more the domain of
> opening_date or temporary tags.
> > The routine is then, ask if check_date is absent OR when the current
> > date is past the check_date.
> I don't think this is a big benefit compared to "... OR when the current
> date is X months past the check_date".

I think you are thinking code in the app, not maintaining a bunch of
features such as 35000 routes or all the Stolpersteine in the area

The difference is the determination of X. It's feature and
opinion-dependent. Checking/displaying due checks is very simple, and
doesn't have to know anything, just compare the tag with the date, and all
pop up.

> Also, I tend to prefer making software a little more complicated if it
> lightens mappers' manual workload, so making at least some use of
> history (e.g. so that no check_date needs to be set when a tag is first
> added) seems reasonable to me.

As a maintaining mapper, I would set the future check_date at entry time.

Your plan sounds fine, but it will not be of much use to me. I still have
to maintain an agenda and listst for checks in the future. If a
future check mechanism were in place, I'd simply display a check map, just
like a map showing all notes or all fixme's.

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