[Tagging] Map maintenance with StreetComplete - Preferred tagging

Cj Malone me-osm-tagging at keepawayfromfire.co.uk
Fri Jul 24 22:20:34 UTC 2020

On Fri, 2020-07-24 at 16:13 +0100, Jez Nicholson wrote:
> There must have been a long discussion on this, and I don't want to
> rehash it, but i'm surprised there was a positive response to adding
> check_date for individual attributes....I can understand a check_date
> for a whole feature (as with the construction site), so for example a
> bus stop, I might be asked to check all the attributes (is there a
> seat? is there a bin? is there still a shelter?) and flag the whole
> bus stop as 'checked'.
> Could StreetComplete quests be built for confirming all attributes of
> an object, or are they limited to one (and hence your need to flag
> individual attribute checked dates)?


Doubling (or near enough) the amount of tags on a given nwr seems a bit
excessive. StreetComplete could do a kind of wizard where is shows each
tag and asks the user to validate it, and only once all the tags are
shown to the user is an nwr considered confirmed, and adds a tag to say
it was surveyed or checked.

Alternatively if each storing when each tag has been validated is a
direction OSM wants to go, maybe it should be in the API. A client like
StreetComplete could "touch" a tag to rev it's edited timestamp without
actually changing the value.

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