[Tagging] Hiking "guideposts" painted on rocks, trees etc.

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 17:46:07 UTC 2020

On 25/07/2020 17:21, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> On 25/07/2020 07.06, Andy Townsend wrote:
>> Why do people in OSM map anything?  I can't see any reason why I'd 
>> want to add urban buildings, or comprehensive address data, or a 
>> whole bunch of other things that people think are _really important_.
> How are addresses _not_ important? If I'm trying to find 123 Cherry 
> Lane, I really, really appreciate if that entity actually exists in OSM.
What I was trying to say was that different people perceive different 
things in OSM as being "important" - there's no universal list.  That's 
why for that example I deliberately chose two types of data that I know 
people spend lots of time adding (even if I don't, much), and OSM is 
much the richer for all that added data.

> For me, it's probably power lines that seem useless, but someone else 
> probably has a use case where having those mapped is really helpful. 
> (Maybe someone planning to buy a house wants to know, without having 
> to drive there, if there are high-voltage power lines nearby?)
Well like many walkers I use those for navigation :)

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