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>> I treat these like this: the public part (if any) up to the property as
>> residential (eventually as service) and the part on private grounds as
>> service+driveway. Never use the driveway tag on public ways
>> Why? Driveway may be public both as in
>> "available to use by general public"
>> and "constructed on land owned by
>> government or other public entity" or
>> both at the same time.
> citation needed...

The turnaround on Larch Mountain Road, on Larch Mountain, Oregon.  Hood NF
15 becomes Hood NF 1500-021 for a moderately sized one-way trailhead

Camp Baldwin Road, Camp Baldwin, Oregon.  I believe the main entrance is
Hood NF 4450 and the road has been impassable through the north side of
camp for decades due to an archery range being in the way.  Looks like Hood
National Forest recently renumbered things so where 4450 used to leave the
north end of the camp before it was built is now 4460-140
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