[Tagging] Adding man_made=spoil_heap to the Map Features page?

Vojtech Filipec vojtech.filipec at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 07:27:52 UTC 2020

It seems to me the discussion is now about three points:

1. landfill vs. spoil_heap: In Czechia these two are considered two
distinct landscape elements. The heaps climb above the horizon and due to
(typically) sharp slopes and plateau on top, they are easy to distinguish
from a natural hill so I consider them a good orientation feature worth
mapping. Landfills can take a form of a hill too, but IMHO the more recent
approach is to dig them under the line of horizon.

2. whether to extend the Map Features page: I share Graeme's opinion which
I distill into: "The Map Features page takes long to load yet it is a good
starting point for novices". Thinking about myself, I remember the page was
a great intro and - despite its length - I actually like the idea we're
having a comprehensive documentation of the features. I do not think we
shall limit our effort to document things due to technical constraints.

3. how to "tame" the Map Features page size: Splitting it into "most used
features" and "extended tags" might work; or having a navigation page with
categories linked to separate pages might too; I have no opinion on this.

From: Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>
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> Yep, there's a lot on it, & it takes a while to open.
> But there's also no reason not to make use of it!
> The people on this list are, I would say, well & truly towards the more
> experienced end of the OSM spectrum, so you may not use it (although I
> still do when I can't remember exactly what I want! :-)), *BUT*, if I may
> be so bold, that page isn't there for experienced mappers, it's there for
> the newbies who don't know all the options, have never heard of TagInfo,
> may know the wiki is there but not how to use it & so on.
> Yes, I'd like to see Map Features expanded so that everything with over 500
> uses is there, but also tidied - maybe only a list of "topics" eg aero,
> amenity, highway, man_made etc, each with a brief description & linking to
> a separate page with all of those items listed?
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