[Tagging] Overlapping naturals

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Thu Jun 4 08:59:05 UTC 2020

Hi Mateusz,

On Tue, Jun 02, 2020 at 11:19:10PM +0200, Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging wrote:
> You can have forested military base with wetland (real case).
> You can probably find military base (landuse=military) with landuse=farmland.
> There are residential areas in forests, there are industrial zones in military bases,
> there are railway areas in military bases.
> etc etc
> You will have overlapping areas or stuff like
> landuse=military_industrial_area_under_tree_cover_with_intermittent_wetland

If you have a residential area in a forest - Is that area used for
residential or for forestry purposes? 

Isnt that a landuse=residential with landcover=forest?

IMHO a square meter has ONE predominant usage and thats what we tag. It
might be that there are trees in my backyard - still its a residential
area. People try to map the trees and use landuse=forest for that but
thats simply broken.

I have seen people map every single backyard with landuse=grass,
landuse=meadow, leisure=common or leisure=park which is completely bogus.
Its still a residential area its just grass growing there.

So i am still standing on the issue that there can only be ONE usage of
an area. I could agree on that a military area could contain a
natural=beach, or a wetland - but still landuse may not overlap landuse
and natural not natural. Its either a residential or miliary or
industrial or commercial or forest.

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