[Tagging] Adding mapillary tags to every building

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Fri Jun 5 12:25:20 UTC 2020

Following is more on topic than may be expected -
OSM Wiki is illustrated by images from Wikimedia Commons,
and thanks for all people who uploaded things there.

Jun 5, 2020, 09:14 by janjko at gmail.com:

> On Thu, Jun 4, 2020, 16:48 European Water Project <> europeanwaterproject at gmail.com> > wrote:
>>  Our goal is to move all our images to wikimedia commons. 
> Aren't water fountains not notable enough for their database?
That is a common misconception. Note that basically all
images on the OSM Wiki are from Wikimedia Commons.

Wikipedia and Wikidata have notability requirements,
with WIkipedia having much stricter ones (but different across 
various language versions)

Wikimedia Commons has no notability requirements, see

It is perfectly fine to upload things like that there.

For example, anything that can be ever added as image on any Wikipedia article
(even ones not yet written) is in scope, anything plausibly used for
any educational purpose is in scope.

and it is quite broadly defined.


I asked whatever uploading images of bicycle parkings 
(that are certainly not notable) is OK


"The three images above look good to me. I would suggest short
descriptions giving the location and maybe detailing closeness to
important places like universities, courts, theatres, etc, if those places
aren't in the images or the street location isn't well-known."

"Reasonable quality photographs of identified places are
very unlikely to be considered not in scope"

"I could recommend to add {{Location}} <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Location>. In this case photos may be
useful for external map services like OpenStreetMap."

"Mateusz, scope is very broadly defined. Reasonable quality photos of
public places are generally considered to be in scope. So, please go
ahead and upload those photos. As mentioned above, photos considered
out-of-scope are generally "personal" photos, bad quality photos, or
photos of subjects that attract people not really interested in Commons
as a repository of educational content (i.e. porn)."

(BTW, even to be deleted as last mentioned category it still needs something
completely useless for educational purposes - Wikimedia Commons
hosts many pornographic images, after all there are also Wikipedia articles
on this topic)
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