[Tagging] Adding mapillary tags to every building

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 09:24:48 UTC 2020

Am Mo., 8. Juni 2020 um 10:48 Uhr schrieb European Water Project <
europeanwaterproject at gmail.com>:

> Dear Martin,
> For-profit companies have different levels of openness, I think it would
> be a mistake to put them all in the same bucket.
> While all their data and images are not open, Mapillary shares many
> geolocalized images through creative commons licensing - in a more open
> manner than many non-profit companies and local municipalities.

I might have not been clear with "If mapillary doesn’t allow for
downloading the images (only thumbnails/previews) we should not link to
it.", what I meant was that I would not encourage people to build on
systems that aren't open (it didn't mean: go and remove them). I would also
not object to people doing it nonetheless (if the links are still useful
because you can get "something" from them), but we should be aware that we
are building on sand here. The owner of the external db (here mapillary)
can choose at any time to deny access to its data, or the company may go
bancrupt or close its business for other reasons and we might have put a
lot of effort into this in vain. Open projects allow for forking, while
proprietary systems usually don't, so that the usefulness of related tags
is deeply linked to the goodwill and operational situation of the company.

> Hopefully a significant level of data openness will continue to be part of
> Mapillary's business model.

yes, we can just hope for it. Not more.

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