[Tagging] Help explain the difference between path and track

Tod Fitch tod at fitchfamily.org
Wed Jun 10 02:05:35 UTC 2020

> On Jun 9, 2020, at 5:29 PM, Kevin Kenny <kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't use 'path'  very much except that JOSM wants to use it for
> 'combined foot- and cycleway'.  Using JOSM, I'll typically tag a way
> as a 'path' so that I get the dialog where I can quickly fill in
> surface, smoothness, maybe width and incline.  Then I retag using one
> of the 'footway', 'cycleway' or 'bridleway' presets depending on the
> largest creature that uses it - so I've recently tagged a few
> track-ish things around here as 'highway=bridleway surface=compacted
> smoothness=good bicycle=designated foot=designated width=3'  There's
> some evidence that motor vehicles use it occasionally, but only for
> official purposes.

Precisely why I need to look at so many tags and tag values to decide if something is a “hiking trail” or not.

Also, I think, a good argument that the current tagging fails to cover this domain very well.

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