[Tagging] Do we map pedestrian crossings twice?

Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Wed Jun 10 18:26:50 UTC 2020

On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 10:59 AM Jack Armstrong <jacknstacy at sprynet.com>

> > From: Clifford Snow
> > Before changing the wiki, I'd like a clearer understanding of your
> proposed change. As I read this the node is placed on the highway to tell
> cars that some type of crossing is located at this node. The crossing way
> tells the pedestrian that there is some type of crossing.  With thousands
> of crossings already mapped, your proposed change could break routers.
> Well, I don’t really want to change anything. I’d just like the wiki to be
> consistent with OSM canon. I would have the wiki reflect the approved
> "Sidewalk as a separate way" 2011 proposal. Essentially, the wiki’s “How to
> Map” section would have added clarity;
> To be added to the wiki (from the approved proposal):
> When a highway=crossing node is present on the main road, a way connecting
> the sidewalks on the two sides of the road should be mapped. This way
> should be tagged as follows:
> highway=footway
> footway=crossing
> To be deleted from the wiki:
> footway=crossing and cycleway=crossing are sometimes used on ways which
> lead from a sidewalk to the crossing node (the node which has this
> highway=crossing tag). This is not the preferred way of tagging.
> On a personal note, I don’t want to map one element twice (once on the way
> and once on the node - for a single crossing), but the approved proposal
> contradicts my personal method of mapping. I feel that the tagged node
> tells both vehicles and pedestrians this is a crossing, but the wiki should
> be consistent with what is approved by the OSM community.
To help me understand, below are three schemes for crossings. Which one(s)
best describe your suggested way of mapping.

1. Tagging both the crossing and a node on the highway.
2. With no crossing ways, just a node on the highway to mark the type of
crossing https://mycloud.snowandsnow.us/index.php/s/4ad5wLzMNcE3sNo
3. With just crossing ways and no node at the intersection of the crossing
and highway. https://mycloud.snowandsnow.us/index.php/s/tHF62pH5txPEX55


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