[Tagging] Do we map pedestrian crossings twice?

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> On 10. Jun 2020, at 20:28, Clifford Snow <clifford at snowandsnow.us> wrote:
> 1. Tagging both the crossing and a node on the highway. https://mycloud.snowandsnow.us/index.php/s/YEFoYcTgR2gtW3j
> 2. With no crossing ways, just a node on the highway to mark the type of crossing https://mycloud.snowandsnow.us/index.php/s/4ad5wLzMNcE3sNo
> 3. With just crossing ways and no node at the intersection of the crossing and highway. https://mycloud.snowandsnow.us/index.php/s/tHF62pH5txPEX55

1 is the scheme when it is a dual carriageway or there is at least one explicit sidewalk (or cycleway in case of bike crossing) mapped

2 if you do not have to connect other things

3 is incomplete and you may expect that routing software for cars might not become aware of the crossing, and the type of crossing (markings, lights, etc)

Of course you could find out with solution 3 that there is a crossing node, but as the docs always said that there’s the tags on the node, they are set up to not do it (i.e. they can build their graph without footways). In preprocessing these tags could be automatically set on the node (provided the kind of crossing would be given on the crossing way, otherwise that there is a crossing).

Cheers Martin 
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