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On Wed, 10 Jun 2020 at 19:41, Tod Fitch <tod at fitchfamily.org> wrote:

> For example, as mappers discover they can map a voie verte in France or a
> “Rails to Trails” in the USA as highway=greenway and not as arbitrary
> choice of track, path, cycleway or bridle path differentiated by a bunch of
> foot=designated, bicycle=designated, etc. tags they are likely to migrate
> to the simpler tagging. At some time in the future data consumers could
> begin to be more restrictive on their logic.

You mention the "greenways".
I know of some "things" that are labeled as "greenways". The ones I know
are certainly not "things" that are anything even remoty like types of
highways in the OSM sense..
Also the  Greenway Wikipedia article
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenway_(landscape)>  points in the
opposite direction. A greenway is a corridor that can be used for different
types of routes or even not be used for any kind of route. The "greenway"
label is often used to describe routes in the wider sense. I know a number
of examples that
I know a number of "greenways" carrying cycle routes that include not only
the actual highways that make up the cycle routes, but also refer to
ancillary services and features. A famous example:
https://www.avenuevertelondonparis.co.uk/. The Eurovelo network is made up
of cycle routes that contain all kinds of highways. The Rails to Trails in
the US is even more fragmented.
(I know some parts of some greenways directly as a cycle tourist).
In short words: the greenway concept is orthogonal to the highway type
concept, and, in addition, very broad - "greenway" is not a highway type.

Re: Via ferrata.
highway=wia_ferrata is different. It's an existing tag for waya, together
with the key via_ferrata_scale=* .
I guse, but have not checked that the best use would be on relations, as a
via ferrata normally is composed of pieces of diefferrent difficulty, but
that can be resolved.

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